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Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Time in Chester Vermont

I love spring and I love Fall.  Rarely in the last 25 years have i had the time to smell the freshness of spring, watch the tree buds grow into leaves over a two week period, smell the flowers that open from new warmth after winter's chill has finally given up.

New to Vermont, I guess it is simply the time and place that I am now in....but wow!  Take a walk along a stream and observe the new life that is all around.  Look long and hard at the tree buds as they burst into leaves.  Look for a while in a stream and you may even see a trout swim upstream.  Just take the time to observe Vermont for all it has to offer.... magnificent!

Here is a sample of what is happening out there this week as the warmth draws the best of what winter hid so well.  Being new to an area of beauty helps me take acute notice of my surrounding where perhaps others may take home for granted.  Each week there is a new discovery I find in South Eastern Vermont in the Okemo Valley....in time I will send more pictures.

OH......you want an update on the bathroom situation at Inn Victoria in Chester Vermont?  Sure thing.  My next blog will give you a real laugh.  For you handy folks at home....this will tug at your heart for sure....stay tuned!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stuck in New York

We enjoyed a most wonderful visit with a couple from Holland, this weekend.  They were in the USA on business when all air traffic was halted due to the eruption of Iceland's Krakatoa volcano.  When stuck in Newark New Jersey, what is there to do?....According to our guests; "work some and visit New England"!  And so they did.  After visiting several sites in New York, they decided to head for Southern Vermont.  While visiting the Gallery Northstar in Grafton Vermont, ( gallery@gnsgrafton.com  )they asked if there was a place the owners Ed & Kim would recommenced to stay for the night.  Kim called us and told us of their story as a heads up....sure enough, minutes later Nathan & Marye walked in, visited for the night and the next day scheduled another night.  The two of them enjoyed the sites surrounding Vermont's best romantic Inn as rated by Yankee Magazine 2009 ....yes, that is us, Inn Victoria in Chester Vermont!  They went horseback riding, shopping, enjoyed Woodstock Vermont, and best of all....they loved the walk to nearby restaurants in Chester Vermont.

It was sad to see them go, for they were a charming couple, expecting their first child.  I was quite impressed by their love of life....they didn't allow a week stuck in Newark New Jersey to slow them down, they made the best of it and enjoyed every moment.

We wish the two of you the best, Nathan & Marye.  Safe travels home.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cat in the tree

For those of you who don't know me well, here is a revelation:  I am not a cat lover.  I do however, love my daughter, and when she says; "Dad, there's a cat stuck in the back yard tree"!!!.....I stop what I am doing and help out.  Enjoy the pictures of Rachel 20 feet up in a tree helping a stray cat down while I play with my iPhone camera.  LOL, and you thought I'd go up that tree for the cute little fur ball......LOLOLOL.

Just when you thought I was busy building bathrooms for Inn Victoria, you actually learn that i am playing with the cat.!  So here is my excuse for running behind in my projects this week.  Oh well, the daily trials of life at Inn Victoria, Chester Vermont.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bed Bath and Beyond in Chester Vermont

Ahhhhhhh....I can't wait to get these rooms completed.  They will be stunning!...even if I do say so myself!  Thus far the Beatrice is 1/3 striped to the walls and the floor is removed in order to put in some plumbing.  We will put in a nice shower, toilet and vanity in this part of the room.  The electrical is all but complete, with the ventilation fan yet to put in.  After that I start on the plumbing....should be fun!

Look at the construction of this place....it is amazing!  two courses of brick on the outside wall, then 1/2 inch layer of masonry plastered on the inside wall with a hand painted yellow, and a stenciled black design at the ceiling level and floor......approximately 50 years later in the early 1900's the room was renovated with a 1" course of wood members nailed to the masonry and topped with wood lathe, and in turn topped with a 1/2 inch of plaster......then wallpapered.  Everything is put together with square nails of the period.  I am doing my best to keep as much of the flavor of the room as it was originally .....but it does NEED a bath!

Penny did a great job with these photo's.....

Here is the Alfred's bath without any of its old fixtures.......all have been removed and a slipper tub will be installed within two weeks with a nice granite top vanity and a BIG corner shower with overhead rain head.

The fan will go in this spot............do you know where this is in the room?
The floor trench I dug for the piping to the new slipper tub....look at the floor.....this room has gone through four renovations in the past......four floors!  LOL, and I am adding # 5

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A wedding at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

In my last Blog I bragged about a wedding at the Inn Victoria in Chester Vermont....yes, our Inn!  But now that the pictures are ready to share with the world....I am really going to Brag...BIG TIME!

Look at these photos!   Cindy Beaulieu of Gorham, Maine did the photography at this wedding and I must say...BRAVO Cindy!  Nicely done!

Kirsten and Joe Mancini, newlyweds are now on their 9 day road trip to San Diego, CA for Joe's assignment with the US Navy as an officer.  On the way, their plans are to visit many sites, to include the Four Corners, Durango, and The Grand Canyon in Arizona.  We wish them the BEST!

Enjoy the Pic's.......We had so much fun with this, I think we'll rename the Inn as:   Vermont Weddings, or how about:  Weddings in Chester Vermont?  Or better yet:   Wedding packages in Vermont?

Ok, ok...I'll stick with Inn Victoria!  :)

Keep smiling

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tripadvisor Inn Victoria Amazing

WOW.....you've got to see this!!!!
 We were blessed to host a wedding this weekend for a wonderful couple on their way to San Diego.  Look at what they left behind!

 There seems to be a tradition in the works that our newlyweds absolutely LOVE!  That is to write their own love message in the closet of their room.  Do you know what room this is?

Here is the lovely couple.....


Inn Victoria

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joesgoober   1 contribution
Shaftsbury, Vermont
Apr 18, 2010 | Trip type: Couples New
My fiance and I got married in the inn, April 17, 2010.. It was beautiful! The innkeepers, Penny and Dan LOVE what they do and make it their goal to please everyone.. Both our immediate families came and Penny and Dan were very engaging and everyone was very happy :) The wedding was beautiful - and the dinner they provided after was delicious!!!! My new husband and I spent the night in the Victoria room and it was very relaxing and wonderful... If you are ever in the area DEFINITELY stay there!! It's gorgeous inside and out and the innkeepers are amazing!!!!!

I'll post more on the Kirsten & Joe's wedding in a few days......I am swamped with Bathroom building right now!...:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Penny's idea of a Romantic Victorian in South Central Vermont

Ok.....I've had enough!  Dan is spending way too much time blogging and marketing.  He is too busy doing marketing and not enough time building rooms!  So far since he's been here he has only:
* Renovated one bathroom
* Built one pantry
* Installed one gas fireplace
* Applied for one permit to renovate the Cottage
* Started renovation in Alice bathroom
* Started a new bathroom in the Beatrice
* Renovated one storage room into a bedroom...called Princes Louise

What is it with that Boy?......You'd think he could move faster.  The "honey-do" list is getting longer as he falls behind!......oh, I meant to say "as he loses his behind"!  Look at this!

As Dan would say...."Keep smiling".

Penny, President, CEO, THE BOSS
Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

Imagine for a moment walking through a store looking at items you can only dream of because the price is simply too steep for your taste.  Suddenly you stop and emotions swell as you see it; the dream is realized in what you wanted...and best of all it is 50% off!  Penny is an impulsive shopper....hummm, but then again, you know that.  Her dream for a beautiful white, red & black / quilted bed spread for the Helena room was realized while visiting a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in MA.  She was meeting Sarah for dinner a few weeks ago and she came home with more than one dream fulfilled for the day!

Ahhhhhh.... Inn Victoria of Chester Vermont will always be grateful to Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores for their 50% off sale just as Penny was in town.!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun in the Okemo Valley, Vermont

As spring strengthens its grip on Vermont, I am tempted to take pictures of the multitude of pastel colors which blossom from tree buds.  Rachel and I drove to Norwich University in Northfield today and we were simply in awe at the beauty of the small tree buds as they created a variety of fresh colors for the forest and mountainous landscape.  Of course the further north we traveled, the less vivid the colors...the return trip was even more spectacular as each variety of tree yielded a different shade of red, green and brown.  Yes, fall is spectacular in Vermont, but spring offers its own beauty as well.  The streams are swelling with ice cold and crystal clear water, the fields are starting to turn green and within just a few weeks the fruit trees will be in full bloom!...Can't wait.

I want to share a web site from a fellow blogger who does a fantastic job at documenting the typical Vermont Lifestyle, but does so in a simple and fresh manner.  Please go to www.happyvermont.com and look through Erica Houskeeper's blog...you'll be a regular.  She paints Vermont just as it is!

Keep smiling, from Dan at Inn Victoria, Chester Vermont.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

President Appreciation day at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

For those of you who have had the opportunity to indulge in Penny's fine cooking, you will understand when I say "Penny deserves an appreciation day as often as I can get her away from the kitchen"!  She is amazing!
A few weeks ago we had a guest who could only eat glouten free food.  Penny went right to work custom designing a menu for this lady. After two days of Penny's glouten free cooking especially for this lady, she and her husband went home feeling like a king and queen.  YES!!!!  We love to see our guests happy!

Well needless to say Penny deserves a recognition day here and there; after all she is the BEST boss I've ever worked for....by far!  Look at that face....I think she is due another appreciation day...don't you?  After another trip to Friendlies Ice cream .....I am running of ideas, give me some ideas to make some brownie points, please.

Keep smiling,


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mother's Day Special at Inn Victoria

Have you looked at our specials lately?  The Mother/ Daughter week is just around the corner.  What a great way to surprise mom!  Give mom the best you can give her, time with you in a very special setting such as Inn Victoria Chester Vermont.  We've designed this event just for you.  Dream the experience of your desires, share it with us and we'll make sure it is an Exceptional Experience!   We have priced this special package at a very attractive price point.   Go to  http://innvictoria.com/chester_vermont_packages.html    and plan your dream experience together.


keep smiling,


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chester Historical Society

At 6 AM this morning the sun was just barely creating enough light to know it was morning, the birds were singing, and the air was still and warm.  Not bad for an April day in Vermont.  We slept with the windows open in the bedroom last night and the girls in the loft enjoyed open windows and a ceiling fan.  It is a glorious morning!

Yesterday, Rachel and Haley invested most of their day with an historical event taking place in the Brookside Cemetery of Chester Vermont, lead by Ron Patch, the President of the Chester Historical Society.  They witnessed the archeological research of two significant objects in the old town cemetery.  The first was the use of Ground Penetrating Radar to locate the original foundation of Chester Vermont Academy, and the second was to figure out who Susie is.  That's right, there is a very large obelisk, expensive monument erected in the cemetery with only one word on the stone, "Susie".  The goal of the expedition is to determine, with the use of Ground Penetrating Radar, if this is a horse or ?


The outcome of the research?....they located the original foundation.  What is beneath the monument?....Ron said that the study was inconclusive they may have to exhume the site in order to be certain.  That will be in August.

In the meantime, Penny and I sat on the front porch of the Inn Victoria and gave away cookies and iced tea to folks attending the day's research.  We met a lot of people, and had a great day!.....I still can't get over the fact that Penny pays me to enjoy life like this!

keep smiling