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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The BIG Screen comes to Inn Victoria

In preparation for the Jane Austen Birthday Celebration, to be held on the weekend of December 17 - 19, we thought it would be fun to experiment with a home movie theater system.

WOW!!!!!!................Look at this!  We purchased an 8' X 10' screen and hung it from the ceiling, placed the LCD projector on an opposite wall and ....yahooo we have a great system going.  The sound is through a portable I speaker which gives incredible movie theater effects.  The system has been in place one week and we've watched two movies on it & held one business meeting using power point presentations.  

The Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce   http://www.yourplaceinvermont.com/ held a meeting here last week hosting Orbitz Worldwide  www.orbitz.com        
I think Inn Victoria Chester Vermont is ready for the Jane Austen Birthday Celebration on Dec 17 - 19.....by the way, we are nearly half booked for this event; you may want to make your decision very soon!    http://www.innvictoria.com/chester_vermont_packages.html

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alice's Restaurant Chester, Vermont

I have so enjoyed writing about the restaurants in Chester because they are close by, easy to get to by simply walking from Inn Victoria.  Alice's Restaurant is eight doors down on the right, opposite the center of the green.  The old Victorian is strikingly beautiful from the outside and offers a warm welcome to passerby's.  It is very well maintained and has an added glass enclosed - wrap around porch.  Penny and I especially like the porch area because its fun to watch people walk by with a wishful look of jealousy in their eyes as we enjoy the perfect atmosphere and superb dinning.
I've attached a few photos so you can get a good perspective of Mark's dream come true; his own special restaurant!  We've enjoyed many a meal at Alice's and each time I get a bowl of French Onion Soup....the best I've ever had anywhere!  This is truly a fine dining atmosphere with the full menu creations to go with it.

Last night I broke tradition and ordered the black bean with smoked chicken and apple sausage soup as a starter.  Penny ordered the French Onion Soup and was impressed as well.  I savored my soup to the very last drop.  Since I started with the special of the night, I thought I'd experiment and stick with the special entree as well; blackened salmon fillet with papaya citrus glaze and garlic dill sour cream....  Outstanding!  Perfectly cooked salmon, very juicy and plenty of it.
My mom is coming down from Maine to visit next weekend and I am certain we'll take another short stroll to Alice's, just eight doors down on the right!
Bravo Mark!!!!.......

Dan from Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Visitors from Austrailia

Great news!  We heard back from our Australian visitors traveling New England and Eastern Canada for the last two months.  Upon return to Australia, Leslie and Darren e-mailed an update of their travels throughout the remainder of their trip north.  They Loved the North East of the USA and the Maritime Provence of New Brunswick.  Wonderful people we hope to visit in Australia someday!

What brought them to Inn Victoria Chester Vermont; Country Treasures  at Vermont Quilting  http://www.vermontquilting.com/  in Chester.  Two doors down the street.  This is an amazing place!  People come here from all over the country to shop and take classes.  In fact, two weeks ago there were 20+ taking several days of classes....check out their site!

Leslie and Darren, we wish you the BEST!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Can you name this flower?

As you know, I am a fanatic for flowers.  I planted some flower bulbs this spring near the nice little white bench on the front lawn.....here is the first flower to come up.  I've never seen this flower before and I am hoping someone knows what it is.....HELP?

I bought the flower bulbs from the dollar store in Springfield VT.  Take a look at these pictures of Inn Victoria Chester Vermont with its little white bench before the flowers came up!

Friday, June 18, 2010

High Tea at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

Check out the new banner ad for High Tea at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont.  We will be placing it within the website of the local chamber of commerce;    http://www.yourplaceinvermont.com/dining/fine-dining.html    Cool!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prince Alfred Bath is Completed

I am thrilled to show off the completed bath for the Prince Alfred room at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont.
Although I originally wanted a large double-head rain shower, I had to settle with one shower head in order to get the full effect of a large bathroom hosting a slipper tub and a shower.  The space is large, open and bright, with the morning and afternoon sun radiating through two windows.  The vanity is an antique dresser fitted with an above counter bowl and single faucet.  The original miror has the old silver backing and gives the effect of antiquity.  Wow!!!!....what a blast!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Finished the Alfred bath today....here are a few pics of yesterday's rush to the finish line.  More pics tomorrow of the finished product!

Nice slipper tub

It was a long day!!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Perfect Anniversary Getaway Weekend

I am not one for bragging.....BUT, from time to time in life, one must toot the horn good and loud!!!!
Look at this Tripadvisor review of Inn Victoria Chester Vermont.

A Perfect Anniversary Getaway Weekend

Inn Victoria

Our room was elegant and the service perfect. The entire inn is just a picture perfect experience that maintains the elegant charm of times long past and the comforts of modern day. The town is quintessential vermont and steeped in history. You go into the inn and you wait for the Bob Newhart Show to begin. Dan and Penny are the best hosts you could ask for. Make sure you sit out on the front porch and do some good old fashion New England neighboring!
Want some pizza, go next door. Want a great pint and some friendly conversation, there's a fabulous Scottish Pub just down the street.
Go and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inn Victoria Chester Vermont Photos

A few posts back I said I would follow up with some outside photos....here are a few more:  These are just stunning!...by: Elizabeth Campbell Photography  http://www.elizabethcampbellphotography.com/#/client/content_page/2526.xml

The Boston Globe Admires Inn Victoria

Last night we enjoyed fellowship with two wonderful people (who's identity will remain nameless in order to protect the innocent)...LOL  Seriously, we had a wonderful couple stay with us last night that were first introduced to Inn Victoria Chester Vermont two years ago through The Boston Globe.  A wonderful article was written about Inn Victoria in January of 2008; X & Y read the article and clipped it, filed it and awaited the day when they would travel through Southern Vermont.  Two years later as their travels took them through Chester, they finally stopped in and stayed the night.  What a delight they were!  I do believe they left here fully satisfied that the article's content remains a reality, tow years later....even through new ownership!  
Here is a copy of the article featuring Inn Victoria in The Boston Globe January 2008


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chester Vermont's Big Little Wedding

Chester Vermont's Big Little Wedding is drumming up a great deal of steam and already the B&B that co-authored this weekend event is full to capacity with wedding attendies.  Ahhhh...hold on, don't tune out yet.  This is a wedding you may want to be a part of.

Matt, the bear and Myra, the doll will be married on Saturday, June 26, 2010 in the Historic Stone Village in Chester Vermont.  The hosts include The Hugging Bear Inn and Shoppe and Bonnie's Bundles Dolls, along with two dozen businesses and friends in Chester.

  • On Friday, June 25, 6-9PM there will be a "meet the families" reception at the Stone Hearth Inn on Rt # 11 in Chester
  • On Saturday, June 26, 1PM the wedding will be held in the hillside gardens of Bonnie's Dolls in the Stone Village on Rt # 103 in Chester
  • On Saturday, June 26, 2PM the Fullerton Inn on main street in Chester will host the Reception
  • The evening of Saturday, June 26....the newlyweds will be hosted by Inn Victoria on Main street in Chester Vermont
The public is invited to the events.  check out any of these web sites:



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Six GREAT friends at Inn Victoria

Penny and I enjoy the blessing of so many people at the Inn; every once and a while a very unique circumstance brings people to us.  Yesterday six ladies got together for High Tea at Inn Victoria.  Not unique you say?...well here is the rest of the story.

Just a few years ago, these ladies were school friends.  Their friendships grew a strong bond through the 7th grade, into high school and beyond; to the point where they come together each year for a group gathering of fellowship!  I was amazed to hear of their bond.  Even though they all lead separate lives, kids, husbands, jobs, spread throughout New England, their bond of friendship remains strong.  And so these ladies gathered at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont for High Tea on the weekend.  From what I can see, they had a GREAT time.

Thanks for your encouragement ladies!...keep smiling!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our customers love Trip Advisor and Trip Advisor loves Inn Victoria

Have you looked at our Trip Adviser records lately?  WOW, two more write-ups this week by super satisfied customers; one from the UK and the other from NY.  What is amazing is that we just do our thing and our customers make note of it on Trip Adviser.  Its worth a look!


WOW...we are # 1 of the 11 B&B's in the area with 197 reviews.  I think we'll throw a BIG party when we hit 200 perfect reviews!

I'll keep you posted

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jane Austen Birthday Party

On Dec 17 - 19,  Inn Victoria Chester Vermont will host a birthday celebration in remembrance of Jane Austin.  The weekend is already filling up with enthusiastic participants.  Here are a few of the highlights........

  1. Pride and Prejudice on the big screen in the Parlor
  2. Two formal afternoon teas (wear your formal period dress)
  3. Two afternoon book reviews lead by Misty Valley Books     www.mvbooks.com  
  4. Two breakfasts, each with five courses...yes FIVE!!!
  5. English Christmas dinner served Saturday evening with wine
  6. Actress Kandie Carle will give us a performance entitled; "The Victorian Lady"

We are dedicating 25% of the proceeds to the Chester Rotary Club for use in children Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More...Memorial Weekend Photos at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

We promised more photos from Inn Victoria.  For today we'll continue focus on the outside of the building.....but in a couple of days, I'll release some of the community photos.....this is such a cool place!!!

I picked up the iron fence in NH about two months ago.  They were all rusted; it took several hours to remove the rust and paint them with Rustolium paint.  It adds a lot to the front of the Inn.  Many people come by and make comments about the fence.

By the way, Penny's High Tea went well this weekend.  She had six guests the first day!  A very good start!  I think I'll do a blog on the Inn Victoria High Tea event next week.  A few pictures will help.