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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where do Innkeepers of an Okemo Lodging, Bed and Breakfast, Have Dinner?

Ahhh, the life of of an innkeeper can be a 25/8 job, say many people.....But I LOVE MY work!  Take today for instance; I woke early but only had 13 steps for my commute.  I served breakfast, the best in Chester, VT and perhaps in the entire state of Vermont.  This little business of ours; Inn Victoria an Okemo Lodging Bed and Breakfast, is so popular these days that we had people walk in off the street looking for breakfast.  "Why not", says Penny..."come on in and enjoy"!  Ok, so we set for 6 more very content people.

Today i am finishing a new floor in the dining room; I love working with my hands.  So far, I am loving what I do so much I nearly forget all the years of toiling at a desk trying to please the CEO who was so far removed from reality that he'd forgotten what a real working person does for a living.  Today the CEO I work with is truly a partner, Penny, the woman I love.  We enjoy time together, and we enjoy fulfilling a life long dream of serving others in a comfortable, encouraging environment.

We had dinner at the Fullerton Inn and Restaurant on the green in Chester, just a few doors down from Inn Victoria.  The food was fantastic!  Nancy & Brett Rugg have really done a great job at encouraging the chef to explore and reach for the best meals he can create.  Penny had the Lasagna and I had the duck paired with a very nice French Pino Noir.  When visiting Chester, there are several very good restaurants within walking distance of Inn Victoria, and without a doubt the Fullerton Inn serves up a great meal.  Oh...and to add a perfect event to a great day, Chester's Summer Music Festival on the Green was entertaining us while we dinned on the front porch of the Fullerton Inn.

Sound like fun?...........try it.  Each Thursday for the next several weeks in the summer, Chester will host music on the Green.  Enjoy!

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners, Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Thursday, July 28, 2011

HIGH TEA at Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Vacatation Getaway

High Tea at Inn Victoria Chester, Vermont is a wonderful place for friends and family to have quiet intimate time together without the hassle and distractions of a typical restaurant.  The atmosphere at Inn Victoria is set with beautiful antiques, collections of teapots and elegant antique tea cups amid a beautifully decorated Victorian dining room. One would think that only visitors from distant lands on a Romantic Vermont Vacation Getaway would indulge in High Tea.  After all, it is a rather special event.  Not the case; meet our most frequent High Tea guests to date. 

This picture portrays family members who travel from Manchester, VT and central Connecticut to indulge in High Tea together....and they do it often.  This photo shows Mom and Dad with daughter and granddaughter.  Each time they visit, we learn more about them and our friendship grows.  This time we learned that we have schooled our children using a similar style; homeschooling.   

We are grateful to families and friends who enjoy High Tea at Inn Victoria and extend their faith in our ability to deliver an Exceptional Experience upon each visit.  Of course, we try to make each return trip a more memorable experience than the last. 

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast, Gourmet Food, High Tea, Vermont Weddings

This Romantic Vermont Bed & Breakfast is tooting its horn!  Someone once coined the phrase, "toot your own horn because no one else will", and they were right until I found many of our gracious guests tooting the Inn Victoria horn for us!  Whether it be Inn Victoria Vermont Weddings, Inn Victoria High Tea, Inn Victoria most comfortable beds and linens, or simply Inn Victoria Romantic Getaway...these are consistent comments we see routinely within our Tripadvisor comment section.

Look at the latest:  "We loved the charming town and accommodations but we going back because Penny and Dan were so wonderful and helpful. Best Inn keepers we ever met. We are going back to get married there is October!"

Can you believe it?  We are so blessed!

Here are several wedding cake photos well worth reviewing.  Jessica has been creating luscious High Tea items, cakes for weddings and special occasions.  I've just got to brag about her skills!  We are preparing and building our niche in the area of intimate weddings.  We find there are many people who wish to enjoy a smaller wedding celebrated with special friends or family.  You will soon be hearing more about our efforts in the area of "Intimate Weddings"

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners, Inn Victoria Romantic Getaway, Gourmet Food, High Tea, Vermont Weddings

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chester Vermont's Country Girl Diner gets a Visit From Inn Victoria Owners

The Country Girl Diner has opened under new management; what a great experience it is!  Penny, Dan and Inn Victoria's Assistant Innkeeper Jessica, visited for lunch this week.  "In order for Inn Victoria, an Okemo Valley Bed and Breakfast, to remain at the top of TripAdvisor's Award of Excellence 2011 list, we feel it is important to continue doing the things that have distinguished us from the remainder of the B&B's in Vermont.  We will continue to visit and critique each restaurant in the area for the benefit of our guests; says Penny Cote, CEO of Inn Victoria. 

 "We've particularly enjoyed the Country Girl Diner because of its original diner appeal" said Jessica.  This place is truly from out of the 50's and it has been nicely restored to its glory days.  The stools at the bar are original stainless steel with new leather round top seats.  The bar is stainless, the entire area behind the bar where the cooking preparation is stainless, and the kitchen is fully restored.  Oh...and the food is FANTASTIC!!!  We were there for lunch and so we had the lunch meals, BLT, burger, and a pulled pork sandwich....all great!  The smell of waffles and pancakes was in the air making it difficult to eat lunch when what we really wanted was the full day breakfast!

The Country Girl Diner is now one of those places that we are thrilled to suggest to our guests.  The prices are reasonable, the food is great, and the team behind the bar and the kitchen are ON IT!  For an all day breakfast or a light lunch, go for it at the Country Girl Diner in Chester Vermont.

Dan & Penny Cote
Owners; Inn Victoria, an Okemo Valley Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Cavendish Products' Owners Celebrate a Birthday with High Tea at Inn Victoria, Chester Vermont

High Tea at the Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast, Inn Victoria of Chester Vermont, was indeed an exceptional experience this week.  Grandma enjoyed; "The Best Birthday I Ever Had" with daughter and grand daughter while enjoying High Tea at Inn Victoria.  When Mr. Cote walked into the room with his full suit of the Victorian era, top hat, double vest and top coat with tail.....Speaking French; the party started in grand style according to our birthday girl of 88 going on 31.
For a few minutes there, I thought our birthday girl was going to drag me home with her...LOL.  Needless to say, we all had a fun time.

These ladies own Old Cavendish Products whole foods for the whole day.  We buy our scones and fruitcake from them.....and WOW, they are fantastic.  It was great to see their faces when they got to see their own products blended within the Inn Victoria High Tea experience.  The scones and fruit cake are simply the BEST!  This sentiment has been shared with us by many people who have enjoyed High Tea in London, New York, Hong Kong and other noted hot spots for High Tea.  To say the least, Penny, Jessica and I were honored to enjoy their company.

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners, Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed & Breakfast

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fezziwig's Visits Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Romantic Bed and Breakfast

Ellen Leaf-Moore, Certified Tea Specialist & Educator of Fezziwig's Marketplace in Lebanon, Illinios visited Vermont's most romantic B&B, Inn Victoria.  With perfect charm, Ellen introduced the guests of Inn Victoria to the best of the best in teas.  To say the least, Ellen and her husband Tim were entertaining and a real joy to have as guests.

Can you imagine it?  Traveling on business in the area, Ellen & Tim chose Inn Victoria to rest for the evening.  At breakfast the next morning Ellen didn't miss a beat in her love of teas.  When I asked what type of tea she wanted for breakfast, Ellen pulled her very own specialty tea from her bag.....the tea lesson started from there.  Needless to say, it was a delightful and entertaining breakfast.  Ellen held guests captivated with her engaging tutorial and trial tea samples.

Fezziwig's is located on the famous brick street in historic downtown Lebanon, Illinois.  The store is named for the character in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  Dickens made his only overnight stay in Lebanon in 1842 where a chapter of his book American Notes was written.  The following year Dickens wrote his beloved A Christmas Carol.  Fezziwig was Scrooge's employer as a youth.

Fezziwig's marketplace incorporates gourmet cooking products with a wine cellar and the Fezziwig's tea company.  Check out the Fezziwig's Marketplace and you'll be sure to love it.

Penny & Dan Cote
Owners, Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Romantic Bed and Breakfast

Monday, July 4, 2011

TripAdvisor awards Inn Victoria of Chester VT an Award of Excellence...Again!

Inn Victoria, of Okemo Valley Vermont,  Earns a "2011 Award of Excellence" from TripAdvisor"!!   TripAdvisor has rated Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont  Bed and Breakfast, a full five point rating out of a total possible five!!!

Penny's photo below shows a very proud smile for earning the 2010 Award of Excellence from TripAdvisor.  Can you believe it?....two years in a row!  I promise to blog the award again when we actually receive the certificate in the mail; and when we do, I'll be sure to include Jessica, our Assistant Innkeeper.  Jessica has facilitated the 2011 award from TripAdvisor just as much, if not more than Penny and me.
More than anyone, Penny earned the 2010 award for Inn Victoria.  So here she is, proud as can be.  She had the award framed and now hangs on the wall with other previously prestigious awards the Inn Victoria has earned in the past.  In 2009 the Inn earned "Best Romantic Bed and Breakfast in Vermont" by Yankee Magazine.  In 2008 Inn Victoria earned Tripadvisors' recognition, "10 Best B&B's in the US".   And as you already know, just a few months ago, Inn Victoria earned an international award from Lanier B&B.com for Inn Victoria, High Tea.

Thank you all for writing your comments to TripAdvisor and other rating agencies.  These awards make a great word of mouth marketing tool.

Penny & Dan Cote
Owners; Inn Victoria, a Chester
     Vermont Bed & Breakfast.