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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Women of Okemo Valley Through the eyes of an Okemo Lodging, Innkeeper

This Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast will never be the same after you view Penny, CEO of Inn Victoria in her 2012 pose of Miss November.  The phone is ringing off the hook with people wanting to buy a calendar of the "Women of Okemo Valley".......wow, don't I wish I could sell rooms that fast.!

I will post a picture of the calendar cover to attract your attention, but if you want to see Miss November, you'll need to purchase a copy for $20 dollars.  Every dime of the proceeds will go to benefit the cure for breast cancer.  The Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce lead the effort and each of the 12 ladies paid a substantial fee to pose, making the sales of the calendar a 100% benefit to the cause.

Miss January is Diane Mueller reaching out of the cab of a snow groomer at Okemo Mountain Resort

Miss February is Mary Knight sitting on the top edge of her hot tub from Knight Tubs, Pools & Spas

Miss March is Sharon Bixby of Ludlow Insurance Agency standing next to the business sign with only a flower picture between her and the camera lens.

Miss April is Maria Tomaselli of Bovine Bookkeeping ....she gives skim milk an added attraction.

Miss May is Tesha Buss hanging upside down from a sky-hook at the Good Commons and The Good Bus Retreat house.....a few flowers and a little lace.

Miss June is shared between Patrice Johnson and Laura Williams of Calm Moments Spa in the flower garden with Turkish towel robes.

Miss July is Pat Budnick wrapped in the "Music in the Meadow" annual event banner on the grounds of the Motel in the Meadow.

Miss August is Lisa Kaiman atop her pony with her pet rooster in her arms on the farm at WAAWWE Family Farm Market.

Miss September is Kathy Burns sitting by the window soaking in the rays from the sun and warmth of the fireplace chimney at Vermont Properties & Development, Inc.

Miss October is Martha Mott in the garden, surrounded by natures harvest, at Live Authentically, LLC.

Miss November is Penny Cote in the double Jacuzzi enjoying suds and tea at Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Miss December is shared among six ladies of winter, each draped in their favorite winter warmer.  Pictured on the porch of a snowed-in Mount Holly Community Historical Museum are; Lynn Anderson, Maggie Blane, Doris Reiser, Amber Nye, Dottie, Finnerty and Linda Guerrera.

Dan Cote
Owner of Inn Victoria, a Bed and Breakfast Okemo Vermont

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fort Ticonderoga, an Hours Drive From Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

How far from Fort Ticonderoga is Inn Victoria, a romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast?  Only an hour!  The French and Indian war into the American Revolution, Fort Ticonderoga played an important part in American history.  You can visit this fort today and enjoy the history lesson that goes with it.  This is without question one of the most important historical sites in the North East, and the fort is very well preserved.

My favorite time to visit the fort and its surrounding areas is in the fall when the air is cool, the sky is clear from the summer haze and the sights over the shores of Lake Champlain are exquisite.  The fall colors are extraordinary on the drive from Inn Victoria as one travels through the Green Mountains to the edge of Lake Champlain.  On the way one can also enjoy the apple picking and vineyards.   When in Vermont...a visit to Fort Ticonderoga is a "must do" event!  Take a look at the events calendar and decide for yourself!

Dan & Penny Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a bed and breakfast Okemo Vermont

Monday, September 19, 2011

Yankee Magazine Supports Vermont & the Okemo Valley in a BIG way!

Yankee Magazine has been a real supporter of Vermont over the years. Supporting Vermont means supporting this Okemo Lodging, Inn Victoria.  For that we are grateful to Yankee Magazine for the following statement in their recent Newsletter.  This is OUTSTANDING support of Vermont at a time when we dearly need it. Thank You Yankee Magazine!! Thank You!

Fall Foliage Update:
There’s been a lot of talk about the damage Tropical Storm Irene caused when it hit New England on August 28th, and many folks are wondering whether they should cancel their foliage trips. Our answer to that question is a resounding no! Road crews are working hard to repair affected areas, ensuring that you’ll be able to get to your New Hampshire and Vermont destinatio
ns in time for foliage season. There may be some detours, but they just might take you past some beautiful scenery that you’d have missed otherwise.

At Inn Victoria, we couldn't agree more.  Thank You Yankee Magazine, Thank You!!

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cape Air & Jet Blue Partner with Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast

When traveling New England, Vermont stands out as the highlight of many guests who stay at Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast.  This sentiment has been repeated time after time over the last two years since we've owned this beautiful Victorian B&B.  Our hope is that we'll here a lot more of it as our partnership with Cape Air and Jet Blue grows.

 Inn Victoria has been featured in the fall issue of Cape Air's "Birds Eye View", a seat-back magazine for Cape Air passengers to read as they fly New England and the Caribbean Islands.  "This could not have come at a better time for us" says Penny Cote, CEO of Inn Victoria.  "We have been seeking out a means of promoting Okemo Valley's most Romantic Bed and Breakfast, Inn Victoria, to people from the NE who travel south to the Caribbean.  These are the same people who seek out quick, short two and three day escapes to Vermont to ski, relax, do some leaf peeping, harvest Christmas trees and much more!  Since they are less than a gas tank away by car from Inn Victoria, it seems logical to partner with Cape Air & Jet Blue who service these same markets."

The next time you fly Cape Air in NE or to the Islands through Jet Blue, look at the seat-back magazine in front of you; you will see your favorite Bed and Breakfast featured as a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast.

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, an Okemo Lodging

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Customized, Private Tours of Vermont's Best Fall Foliage by: Inn Victoria, a Chester, Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Tour Vermont fall foliage in a private, customized adventure package.  Inn Victoria, an Okemo Valley Lodging will customize a Vermont Foliage Tour Package just for you. 
Enjoy the best Vermont has to offer.  Book three, midweek nights and prepare yourself for a private tour like no other.  We'll ride in style in a Toyota Tundra four wheel drive, four door with a sun roof, leather seats and relaxing comfort for five.  

We'll visit New England's best waterfalls, ride back country gravel roads in search of the best scenery, take time for picnics on the trail...first class! This tour will be customized to meet your desires.  Our travels can take us anywhere in Vermont based upon what it is you want to see.  Package includes meals, room, travel in Vermont, wine, equipment, photographs....and the BEST Vermont adventure!  Private tours are for two people occupying one room for three nights / midweek @ $1800. 

The Vehicle comfortably holds five people, so if you want to share the experience with another couple or friends...bring them along; we'll work a deal.

Penn & Dan Cote
Owners, Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed & Breakfast

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vermont's Best Breakfast at Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

"Breakfast at Inn Victoria is Fantastic"!
"The Best Bed and Breakfast in Vermont also has the Best Breakfast I Ever Ate"!
"WOW, Penny is a Great Cook"! 
"Penny, Please Give us Your Recipes"!

Ok..Ok...I hear ya!  Here is one of our guest's favorites

Creme Brulee French Toast...Penny's way
1.  Melt down in a saucepan; one stick of butter, three tablespoons of light karo syrup and one cup of brown sugar.  After carefully melted, pour into a 9" X 13" baking pan of about two inches deep.   

2.  Remove the crust from a favorite bread such as cinnamon raisin bread and slice it thick or enough for 2-3 layers to cover the inside of the pan.  Place the bread pieces into the pan. 

3.  Mix together 10 large eggs, maple flavoring, 1 tsp ginger, 1/4 tsp cloves, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 2tsp vanilla and 2 cups of 1/2 and 1/2 cream.  Pour this mixture over the bread in the pan.   

4.  Cover the pan with a cloth in the refrigerator overnight.  The next morning bring the dish to room temperature and place into the oven to convection bake at 350 degrees F. for 45 minutes. 

5.  Enjoy!!!

Penny & Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Irene Floods Chester, Vermont and Spares Inn Victoria

There is no question that Irene did serious damage to Central Vermont, but it also spared a great number of businesses including Inn Victoria, The best rated Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast.  After the waters receded and the work crews cleared the roads, we are able to travel anywhere in Vermont.  Although the roads are safe to travel with temporary fixes, it will take months to permanently repair the damage to roads & bridges.  Some homes and businesses located along side streams and brooks may never be replaced because the heavy rain caused some stretches of stream-beds to shift.  It is terrible to see the destruction of homes and businesses along side of these small babbling brooks, that for a short few hours became raging killers.  With that said...Vermont is not destroyed.  Vermont remains a very beautiful state.  This by no means destroyed the beauty of Vermont.  The ski resorts are still in full operation, the leaves on the trees are still here awaiting the fall transformation of colors, the quaint little towns and villages which give Vermont its charm are still just as beautiful, Inn Victoria and many other beautiful historical Inns remain safe...and the list goes on.
We have had many phone calls asking if Inn Victoria is still viable.  "Yes, of course" Penny responds.  "We've been blessed with NO damage at all".  And this is true for 95% of Chester and surrounding communities.  We were able to use Inn Victoria as a temporary shelter during the storm, and for that we are most grateful.  
I have included some pictures of some spots within Chester that you may recognize....these were scary moments to be sure.  The water was rising at a very fast pace while we took these photos.  
Penny & Dan Cote